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The Treasures of the Cypress Wetlands with Dr. Chris Marsh

The Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands in conjunction with the Town of Port Royal announce the production of the Rookery Roots Video Series – Discover and Learn the treasures of the Cypress Wetlands with host Dr. Chris Marsh and filmed by SK Signs & Designs.

Dr. Chris Marsh, the Executive Director of the Lowcountry Institute Spring Island Trust since 1998, has filmed a series of videos on location at the wetlands beginning with the first episode “Welcome to the Rookery.” Here he will introduce the Cypress Wetlands which he helped to establish for the Town of Port Royal. It is now a treasured and protected area for local wildlife for all the community to enjoy. Additional episodes are “Life in the Wetlands” and the overview of the Cypress Wetlands Renovation project. These videos are also available to watch on the Port Royal and Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands Facebook Pages along with links on the Town’s newsletter. Please like, share and post these links so all can enjoy learning and supporting the Port Royal Cypress Wetlands.

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