Current Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands Board of Directors

(left to right)  Mike Shay, Bernadette Clayton, Kathleen (Kat) Bray, Alisa Avery, Scot Clark, Vernon Peers

Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands

The Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands, Inc., a 501c3, was formed under the guidance of Pete Richards in October of 2019.  On February 28th of 2020 Pete died but his legacy lives on.  The Board of Directors are proudly continuing Pete’s vision of the “Wonderment of the Wetlands.”

Our mission is to support the cypress wetlands and rookery, increase community awareness through education, and advocate for maintaining this stormwater retention system as a working organic laboratory.

We hope you will join us in our quest to aid the Town of Port Royal in maintaining and educating, both young and old, about this unique and natural treasure.  Join us by donating here.

Original Board of Directors
Bernadette Clayton, Kathleen Bray, Pete Richards, Sally Jessee, Rob Merchant, Kate Hamilton Pardee

Check out this amazing interview that former board members, Betsy Richards, did with the Beaufort News talking about the history of the Friends of the Port Royal Cypress Wetlands and the things we do.  Great job Betsy!

President – Scot Clark

Treasurer – Bernadette Clayton

Corresponding Secretary & Director of Maintenance – Kathleen “Kat” Bray

Secretary – Alisa Avery

Director of Social Media & FOPRCW Photographer – Mike Shay

Director of Education – Vernon Peers

Notable Friends

Former Board Member – Nathan Sturre

Former Board Member – Elizabeth “Betsy” Richards

Former Board Member – Kate Hamilton Pardee

Dr. Chris Marsh

Former Board Member – Sally Jessee

Robert Pruit